Research Projects

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RBlocks: Assistive Block Programming Language to Learn R

Building a framework using JavaScript and R to help make statistical software more accessible to non-coding statistics enthusiasts. I am using Google Blockly Open Source Packages and transitioning the infrastructure in R while planning to publish it for the use of Amherst College students and eventually around the globe.

Development of Temperature Prediction models of Naturally ventilated Greenhouses

The mathematical models developed using the energy balance equations and comparison of predicted/measured data has shown good fitting to the pattern of diurnal variation of weekly average internal air temperature for three different types of natural ventilated greenhouses, which were compared and contrasted to find the most viable alternative to artificial greenhouses. This study proved to be a great help to farmers for greenhouse efficiency and by which increased production. Learned and used the FORTRAN programming language with the help of Dr. Viral Joshi

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Beauty of Agrivoltaic Systems: Double Utilization of Land for Crop and Electricity Production

Implemented the PV panels in a unique way at certain height and angle to the fertile land such that the crop production is minimally hampered and the extra electricity generated from solar grid became an additional source of income. Statistically and econometrically gauged 20 factors both individually and in tandem in search of best possible case. Explored various patterns of placing panels such as checkerboard, rows, columns and random to find out the efficacy in various situations, and drafted an entire first-authored research paper which was published/presented in reputed international journals/conferences.